Cosmetic Acupuncture


What is cosmetic acupuncture?

Acupuncture has been done for hundreds of years to cure they body of ailments before the rise of Western medicine. Due to its effectiveness, there has been a growing trend of women and men of all ages applying the procedure to their faces as well. Many who practice Eastern medicine chose to opt out of Botox and fillers in favor of facial acupuncture. 

Cosmetic acupuncture begins with body needles to balance and relax the body. Then, fine dermal needles are inserted into the face. The protocol “Mei Zen” is followed to perform needling in specific fine lines and wrinkles. 

What does each session consist of?

- Facial or neck acupuncture 

- Facial and neck massage


Facial needles improve blood circulation, nourish the skin, increase natural collagen production, and diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and dull skin. 

Clients Can Expect:

- brighter and healthier complexion

- softening appearance

- decrease in fine lines and wrinkles 

- fuller cheeks

- increased blood flow to the face

Cosmetic acupuncture can be complimentary to Botox. Clients can have cosmetic acupuncture prior to Botox injections, but must wait two weeks post-Botox if they are wanting acupuncture in the area the Botox was injected. Clients can also have cosmetic acupuncture after facial surgery but should wait at least one month. Acupuncture can help support healing of the skin post-surgery.

Who should avoid it?

Those on blood-thinning medications.

How often is it recommended?

Each session is one hour long. The protocol is 5 weeks bi-weekly, and then once every 4 weeks for maintenance.